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Drumsara Wines produces premium quality Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Pinot Rose wine.

Pinot Noir is a grape variety that originates from Burgundy in France. It is a cool climate variety and is well suited to the growing conditions of Central Otago.

Pinot Gris is a full bodied, dryish white wine.

Our Premium Pinot Noir - Ventifacts Block

Only the vintages premium fruit is allocated to this exclusive label that bears the name Ventifacts Block.
Cherries with spicy bright berry flavor and a punctuation of white pepper.

Pinot Noir LabelAfter the Pinot Noir grapes are hand picked they are held overnight to take advantage of natural overnight cooling. Whol6e bunches of grapes enter the crusher with half being crushed (the other half remaining whole) and the slow and gentle fermentation process begins.

Over the next five to eight days mineral extracts and rich ruby colours are drawn from both the grapes skins and juices. Once finished, yeast is introduced which starts the primary fermentation process where the sugars begin to turn to alcohol.

After 12 days post fermentation maceration begins, extracting tannins and providing structure to the wine. This usually takes between three to eight days. The juice is then pressed off and hand pumped into French oak barrels.

It is within these French oak (70% new, 30% 1-2 years old) barrels that secondary fermentation takes place. After 11and a half months the juice is lightly fined and filtered and finally bottled for your enjoyment.

The tasting notes for each vintage can be downloaded in PDF at the bottom of this page../p>

Drumsara Pinot Gris

Pear, lime and stone fruit characters, with a definite dry finish.

Pinot Gris LabelThe Pinot Gris grapes, like the Pinot Noir, are allowed to cool overnight and then de-stemed The grapes then enter the wine press which gently increases pressure over a three hour period. The first juice to be extracted is called 'free run' which amounts to 90% of the total juice. Hard press juice is then extracted under higher pressure, then fined and blended with the free run juice by the winemaker.

The juices are cooled to eight degrees during the following two days after which it is transferred to the fermentation tank. The juice is warmed to 16 - 18 degrees and then the yeast is added . The juice ferments for up to 15 days. This slow fermentation process ensures intensity of aromas.

Our Pinot Gris is a nicely weighted wine, displaying a good balance of sugar and acid. This is a great wine to accompany with food. Serve with lightly spiced chicken salad or barbecued scallops and crayfish.

This lively Pinot Gris drinks very well when accompanied with a crisp pear/apple, blue cheese, walnut and rocket salad, simply dressed with a good quality olive oil.

Drumsara Pinot Rose

Distinctive hints of strawberry and cooked rhubarb on the nose, this wine displays some subtle sweetness.

Our Pinot Rose is made in a similar way to the Pinot Gris up until the fermentation stage when the wine is racked of the yeast lies, to keep all the fruitiness and floral character of the Pinot Rosé. Some really fine lies are kept to give some fatness and great mouth feel to the wine. The wine will stay in full tanks and away from oxygen to retain the best aromas.

A great summer wine, to be enjoyed with antipasto platters, and cold cut meats like ham, salami and pate. Also to be enjoyed at summer time barbecues. For something different, but successful: use the wine to make a jelly, setting it with some gelatin and layering it in a trifle with your favourite berries, sponge and custard.


Judge for Yourself

You can download the Davis 20 Point Wine Judging System as well as a judging form so you judge it for yourself. Have fun!


2009 Drumsara Pinot Noir - Ventifacts Block

  • Cameron Douglas MS (NZ) – 5 Stars
  • International Wine Challenge (UK) 2011 – Silver
  • Spiegelau Int’l Wine Competition 2011 (NZ) - Silver
  • Royal Easter Show Wine Awards (NZ) – Bronze
  • Decanter World Wine Awards 2011 (UK) – Bronze
  • Boutique Wine Awards & Five Nations Wine Challenge 2011 (AUS) - Bronze
  • TiZWine.com review 2011 (NZ) – 4 stars
  • NZ International Wine Show 2011 – Bronze Boutique Wine Awards  2011 (AUS) - Bronze

2008 Drumsara Pinot Noir - Ventifacts Block

  • Sydney International Wine Competition 2010 – Gold Medallion Highly Commended ~Judged with food
  • San Francisco Wine Competition 2009 – Silver Medal
  • New Zealand International Wine Show 2009 – Silver Medal
  • International Wine & Spirit Competition (UK) 2009 – Silver Medal
  • Japan Wine Challenge 2009 – Bronze Medal
  • Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition 2009 – Bronze Medal
  • International Wine Competition (UK) 2010 – Bronze Medal

2007 Drumsara Pinot Noir - Ventifacts Block

  • Best Pinot Noir of Wine Competition - Sydney International Wine Competition 2009
  • Top 100 / Blue Gold - Sydney International Wine Competition 2009
  • Best in class Gold Medal – 2008 International Wine & Spirit Competition (UK)
  • Passion for Pinot 2008 – Judges Choice Trophy Champion Central Otago Pinot Noir
  • Gold Medal – 2008 New Zealand International Wine Show
  • Gold Medal – Liquorland Top 100 2008 International wine competition (NZ)

2005 Drumsara Pinot Noir - Ventifacts Block

  • Winestate Magazine – Recommended (4 star)
  • Bronze Medal - 2006 Bragato Wine Awards.

2004 Drumsara Pinot Noir - Ventifacts Block

  • Gold Medal - 2006 Starwine International Wine Competition - New York, USA
  • Bronze Medal - 2005 NZ International Wine Show
  • Bronze Medal - 2006 International Cool Climate WIne Show - Vic, Australia.

2003 Drumsara Pinot Noir - Ventifacts Block

  • Bronze Medal winner in 2004 Bragato Wine Awards.
  • Bronze Medal winner in 2006 Bragato Wine Awards.

Screwcaps Wine Closure?

Here at Drumsara we are committed to quality. It is only through the use of screw cap bottle sealing technology that we can confidently guarantee against 'cork taint' and premature oxidation.

John Matheson - Drumsara Founder



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A Journey Through Wine

As the seasons change so does our vineyard. During the last few vintages we have taken photos down on the vineyard which show the vineyard in its different states. We have complied them, provided captions and it is ready for your viewing.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

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